What Exactly is ‘Healthy Eating’?

What Exactly is ‘Healthy Eating’?

It seems like everyone is on board the ‘healthy eating’ train these days, and that’s nothing but good news! But with so much conflicting information being thrown our way from different health experts, it can be hard to determine what exactly ‘eating healthy’ means these days. Is it about going vegan? Eating plant-based? Going full on raw?

In this article, we’ll talk about all the different components that add up to healthy eating. From eating with a conscience to shopping locally and sustainably, it takes a lot more than a trip to the organic store to make healthy eating (or sometimes – a lot less!)

  1. A nutritional diet

Believe it or not, humans eat for nutrition and not for enjoyment! As tasty as that paella is, it’s also full of nutritional wonders that go behind the scenes to give your body energy, strength, and make you feel good. Eating should always be about ensuring your body receives the nutrition it needs to keep you going in your day-to-day life.

These days, a lot of us eat for enjoyment, and that’s where the difference between healthy and unhealthy eating lies. To eat healthy, you want to make sure the food you eat is providing nourishment to your body. You want to limit the amount of ‘empty’ foods you eat (chips, anyone?) and increase the amount of food that contains what your body needs!

That’s not to mean that healthy eating isn’t enjoyable – quite the opposite! It’s more enjoyable because your body is getting exactly what it requires. Generally, this would be a well-balanced diet that includes:

  • Fruit & vegetables,
  • Protein (chicken, fish, legumes),
  • Healthy carbs (brown rice),
  • Vitamins & minerals, and
  • Water.
  1. Conscious eating

You may have heard people talking about ‘eating consciously’ or ‘mindful eating’, but what does that mean exactly? Well, going off the point before, it’s all about eating with awareness and understanding what’s in your food, where it came from, and how it’s going to benefit your body. You can practice eating more consciously by asking yourself the following questions before a meal:

  • What is the source of my food? (e.g. is it processed or natural),
  • Where did my food come from? (e.g. ethically sourced),
  • How will it nourish my body (e.g. by containing essential vitamins, minerals, fats – or not).

Conscious eating is also about integrating mindfulness into the act of eating itself. It’s about tasting each bite, acknowledging the nourishment and nutrition it’s providing your body, and giving your body time to properly digest and absorb the food (so, not going for a run right afterwards!)

  1. Eating locally

Eating locally is an understated concept that’s finally being recognised for the good it does for our health. Local eating isn’t just heading down to your neighbourhood restaurant for a feed, it’s about eating fresh fruit & veg that’s in season and grown in your local area.

Eating food that’s been grown in the local area means you have access to fresher, better quality produce (that hasn’t travelled miles to reach you), and eating in season ensures your body is getting what it needs when it needs it. There’s a reason why root veggies are abundant in winter while summer is crawling with juicy fruits, and eating local is all about being in tune with nature!

  1. Making parties healthy

Our biggest cheat days are when we want to celebrate, party, and enjoy life. But big feasts with tasty food don’t always have to equal unhealthy! At Paella del Mar we’re passionate about putting healthy food on the party catering scene by offering up fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food that’s just as fun as it is healthy. We use brown rice in all paella, everything is gluten free and dairy free and our meats are halal.

From freshly made, gourmet tapas to warm, hearty paellas, we do our best to put healthy eating on the party food map. Most importantly, all of our meals are made with love and care – and we all know that’s the most important ingredient in a meal that’s nourishing for mind, body, and soul!

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