Here’s What Kind of Catering You Need at Your Next Party

Here’s What Kind of Catering You Need at Your Next Party

It’s always fun to bring people together, whether it’s with a cocktail party, barbeque, or family gathering. If you’ve got a big guest list or just want to impress your guests with food that’s delicious and memorable, you’ll likely want to bring in party catering. Fun, fresh, and a lot easier than spending hours in the kitchen, party catering takes things up a notch and makes your event more exciting for guests.

From finger foods to grazing tables, desserts, and more elaborate dishes, here’s what kind of catering you need at your next party.


Light snacks: finger food catering

For cocktail parties, daytime affairs, or shorter events, you’ll want to bring in some finger food catering that’s light and easy to eat. We’re not talking party pies, cabanossi, and chips and dips, here. Finger food catering can be just as impressive as larger dishes, elaborate and packed with flavour. You can choose to have your finger food catering served by attendants circling the venue with trays of food, or just to display it on a centrepiece in different spots around the venue.

At Paella del Mar we deliver finger food catering that’s fun, delicious, and a sure crowd pleaser. You can choose from simpler snacks like prosciutto wrapped with rockmelon & mint, watermelon squares with feta, mint & balsamic, or charred sweet corn with salt and parma or more elaborate finger foods like caramelised pulled pork with Asian slaw, quesadilla melts, deconstructed nachos, and juicy chicken ribs.

Perfect for: Cocktail parties, workshops, smaller gatherings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, family reunions, graduation parties, pre-dinner appetisers, and more.


Light snacks: grazing tables

Grazing tables or sharing platters are a great way to introduce a communal feeling to your event and draw people together. You can set up your grazing table as the hero destination at your event or place sharing platters in specific areas of the venue, attracting guests to the snacks and getting them mixing and mingling. Grazing tables are also a fantastic way to kick-start your event and line people’s bellies with some delicious light food before getting to the bigger meals.

There’s virtually no limit to what you can present on a grazing table or sharing platter, and the visual presentation is always stunning. Popular grazing table catering options include cheese platters, full of different types of cheeses, pickles, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, breads, and other accompaniments. The perfect savoury spread can include a range of finger food or canapes including potato bites, cured meats, crostinis with home-made dips and other surprises that are popular with guests of all ages and there’s always something for everyone. Another popular grazing table option is a fruit platter, a colourful display of seasonal fruits that have been sliced and beautifully arranged. Refreshing and perfect on a hot day or as a healthy dessert option after dinner.

Perfect for: Cocktail parties, small gatherings, meetings, workshops, wedding receptions, family reunions, graduation parties, pre-dinner appetisers, picnics, outdoor parties, and more.


Main meals: food stations

You can choose to have a sit-down meal at your party, or you can go for a food station for party catering that’s inventive and modern. Food stations are food stalls that can be set up in a line or in different corners of your venue, either offering the same foods or a different food at each station. Food stations build up a seriously social party atmosphere, giving your event almost a festival vibe as guests can wander around and help themselves or be served up delicious food. They also give your guests more freedom in when they can eat, how much they eat, and what they want to eat!

You can serve virtually anything at a food station. One station could be a carvery with roast meats, gravies, and vegies. Another could serve all the fresh ingredients you need to make your own taco at a Mexican station. Another could be a Moroccan station. It’s DIY party catering that gets guests involved and gives your party another dimension.

Perfect for: Small gatherings, weddings, family reunions, graduation parties, anniversaries, dinner parties, all-day affairs, and more.


Desserts: sweet tables

Stop guests from fighting over the last piece of cake and go for self-serve dessert catering that’s full of variety. Sweet dessert tables can be beautifully presented with lots of different colourful desserts, creating a visual display that’s yummy and enticing. You can fill your table with anything from cakes, tarts, and eclairs to brownies, macarons, and churros. Encourage guests to get up and help themselves so they don’t feel shy, and watch as everyone walks away from your party with a full and satisfied belly!

Perfect for: Who doesn’t want dessert? Perfect for everything!

Planning a party soon? Offload some of the chores and let us take care of your party catering (including the clean-up!) You’ll get to enjoy more time socialising with friends and family, and less time (and stress) in the kitchen prepping food.

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