Food Stations are the Next Best Thing to Having Food Trucks at Your Office Party

Food Stations are the Next Best Thing to Having Food Trucks at Your Office Party

Wishing you could have food trucks roll up to your office, but lacking the space or budget to do so? Food stations are your answer, and they deliver just the same experience (if not better). All about encouraging guests to mix and mingle and sample different menu items, food stations are just as diverse & fun as food trucks and offer a very similar office catering experience (entertaining + delicious!).

Whether you’re wanting to cater for a celebration, Christmas Party, event, meeting, or conference, food stations are quickly becoming a popular trend in corporate catering. It’s a way to get the food truck experience inside your office and provides one hell of a memorable experience for your team.

What are food stations?

They’re basically food trucks but without the engine. Office party catering that’s as interactive and engaging as walking up to a food truck to order your meal, food stations are separate pop-up stalls. Each stall is dedicated to food displays of a particular theme or cuisine (much like food trucks).

Just like food trucks, you can scatter food stations around the venue in different locations, encouraging guests to move around and interact. Rather than going for traditional sit-down meals and finger food served by waiters, food stations encourage guests to come up close and engage with the cook or wait staff serving the food. They can ask questions, learn more about the dishes being prepared and presented, and have a closer look at all the goodness.

Are food stations like having a buffet?

Food stations and buffets are similar in many ways, but food stations have more of a warm foodie vibe. Often there’ll be a cook or wait staff assisting with preparation and serving of the food, allowing for more interaction. You can also set up food stations in so many different formats – from market popup stalls to trolley carts or long table formats. Food stations are able to be customised depending on your event, needs, space, and guest list!

You also have the option to set up as many or as few food stations as you like and position them in different spots around your office or venue space. Because food stations are individual stalls, guests can wander around your venue in search of the food they fancy – just like in a food court! Because of this, putting together a few different food stations offers a variety and experience like no other. Picture a Paella stand and Mexican taco station in one corner, and an Oyster seafood bar and cocktail station in another…

Food station ideas & examples

Just like the endless options of cuisines, foods, and meals provided by food trucks, you can have the same corporate catering experience with food stations. Here are just some ideas for food stations you could have at your next office party:

Taco station

There’s no party food like Mexican food, and an interactive taco food station is a great way to offer some finger food and a bit of fun for your guests. Picture a stall that’s loaded with fresh tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and all the fillings you need to create the taco of your dreams.

Seafood station

Give your team a delectable taste of fine seafood with a specialised station. Serving everything from oysters and prawns to hand-sliced fresh sashimi, this is a luxury food station that’ll have guests feeling truly spoiled for choice.

Paella station

If you’ve seen paella live-cooked in a pan before, you know how much of an experience it is for your eyes as well as your tastebuds. A paella station will feature a big pan of bubbling paella, ready to be heaped onto plates and shared by the guests. Warm, hearty, and designed for sharing, it’s the perfect communal meal.

Canape station

People want to sample different flavours, tastes, and cuisines, and canape stations are one way to offer different bite-sized morsels for your party guests. A table filled with prosciutto, olives, sliders, meatballs, and other yummy snacks, canape stations encourage mingling around the food station rather than in separate groups around the office.

Rotisserie station

Maybe some of your guests want fun party food, but others prefer hearty traditional meals. A rotisserie station is like having your very own carvery, with delicious roast meats and oven-baked sides. Guests can wander up and heap their plate with glazed ham, potatoes, and all the good stuff.

Dessert station

What if you had your very own pop-up food station complete with a chef serving fresh Nutella crepes, mouth-watering churros, and blow-torching creme brulee right before your eyes? As we said, food stations are no different to the food truck experience and encourage guests to get mingling with chefs and watching their food as it’s prepared.

Salad station

For the health nuts, you can have a healthy food truck experience with a food station that’s filled with tasty salads, dressings, and fresh ingredients to build your own crisp dish. Decorate the stall all green and earthy, and you’ve basically got your own farm-to-table food truck party catering.

Throwing an office party doesn’t mean the catering has to be drab and boring. At Paella del Mar we offer corporate party catering that’s exciting, fun, and fresh. Our food stations are specifically designed to create an atmosphere for socialising and creating memories, and our fusion food is full of unique flavours and tastes from around the world. And we work with you to bring your event theme to life!

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