What Kind of Food to Serve at a Cocktail Party

What Kind of Food to Serve at a Cocktail Party

You can’t throw a cocktail party without having some form of delicious finger food or party food going around. Cocktail parties are all about mingling and socialising, and there’s no better way to get the conversation buzz going than with food that’s exciting, fresh, and gets people talking.

Once upon a time, that would’ve been big platters of sushi or triangle sandwiches, but tastes have changed and people want party food that’s new and different (and Instagrammable). Whether we’re talking about office parties or private gatherings, skip the curried egg sandwiches and go for these innovative cocktail party food ideas.

Grazing tables

Everyone loves grazing tables, and they’ll never get old for two reasons: there’s a limitless amount of food combinations you can serve on a grazing table, and limitless ways to beautifully present that food. What makes grazing tables (otherwise known as sharing platters) great for cocktail parties is that they provide a central location for people to gather and start conversations. There’s something great about sharing the experience of eating together, and sharing platters are perfect for that.

There’s virtually no limit as to what you can offer with a grazing table. You can even make a spread showcasing the full spectrum of flavours, from savoury to sweet, including different gourmet cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, tapas, and even platters full of fresh seasonal fruits. It’s a great way to cater to different diets and taste for all your cocktail guests while still having them eat from the same table and share food together.

Finger foods

Cocktail parties need bite-sized food that’s easy-to-eat and doesn’t require utensils – hence the popularity of sushi rolls and small sandwiches! But finger food doesn’t have to mean party pies and crackers with pre-made supermarket dip. Go for finger food that’s unique, innovative, and exciting by trying party food that’s a little different from the norm.

How about watermelon squares with mint, feta, and balsamic for those summer day parties? Or caramelised chorizo and apple for those night-time shindigs? Nothing says party food like deconstructed nachos that are easy-to-eat and won’t spill on your nice clothes. If your mouth is watering, you can try these bite-size tapas with our cocktail party catering options.

Sweet treats

Cocktail parties don’t have enough sweet treats on offer, and we reckon it’s time that changed. Why wait until after you’ve consumed the savoury food to have dessert? You can serve sweet treats at your cocktail party from the get-go, satisfying those palates and giving kids something to be happy about if there is any running around.

Dessert stations are not only great to look at, but a fun way to make your cocktail party a little less formal and stuffy. Who said adults couldn’t gorge on delicious colourful macarons, brownies, and gourmet chocolate domes at their parties? Go for a dessert station and you’ll have guests running back and forth from the sweet to the savoury, happy and satisfied.

Food stations

If you’re looking for a way to merge food and entertainment, there’s no better option than having a food station at your cocktail party. Food stations are like indoor food trucks, small stalls serving everything from tacos to rotisserie meats, desserts, and more. They can be stationed in different corners of the venue, allowing guests to move around and sample different treats and foods.

If you want your cocktail party to be buzzing, exciting, and full of fun, food stations will deliver just that. Bringing a festival vibe, guests can enjoy the sight of paella cooked at one station, help themselves to DIY tacos, guac and salsa at another, enjoy freshly made crepes with fillings of their choice, and chat with the servers about the food on offer. It’s a great way to encourage movement around the venue, create a sense of wonder, and impress your guests by letting them create their own foodie experience.

DIY cocktail bar

It’s a cocktail party, so you need cocktails. Rather than having servers weave through the crowds with trays of drinks, why not let guests help themselves at a DIY cocktail bar? We’ve all been stuck in that situation where we can’t grab a hold of the waiter, and a cocktail bar ensures your guests are getting what they want when they want it!

With a DIY cocktail bar, you can arrange all your different liquors along with fruits, syrups, egg whites, toppings, and other ingredients for making a great cocktail. Guests can walk up to the bar and mix their own drinks, getting inventive and having fun in the process. Whether you want the DIY cocktail bar to be attended or unattended is your choice!

At Paella del Mar we offer cocktail party catering that’s different from the norm. Our food stations bring entertainment back into the food experience, creating a buzz and delivering fresh food to each guest. Our shared platters and bite-sized tapas are designed to be the perfect finger food for the modern day cocktail party, flavour bombs of unique flavours and ingredients.

Check out our private and corporate catering menu options to see how we can make your next cocktail party a mouth-watering one.

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