5 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Catering

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Catering

Find yourself eating the same wraps and paninis at every client meeting? Waiting for that cafe down the road to release new menu items that’ll make lunchtimes interesting again? Sounds like you need a corporate catering rehaul!

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to office catering. We know a place is good so we stick to it, happy we can rely on a solid sandwich when we need it – but where’s the spice in your life?

Mixing up your corporate catering impresses clients, boosts employee morale, and tickles your taste buds. Everyone appreciates the novelty of new flavours, new dishes, and new meals, and making corporate catering more exciting isn’t as hard as it might sound!

Here are 5 ways you can spice up your corporate catering.

1. Themed interactive food stations

Add some excitement, aroma, and an element of curiosity with interactive food stations. Set to be the next big thing (after food trucks), interactive food stations are pop-up stalls with live cooking, grazing tables, smorgasbords, and more.

Designed and styled to suit a particular theme, treat yourself and your team to a variety of cuisines with Mexican, Moroccan, and Spanish lunches all the way through to hearty rotisseries with seasonal veggies and roasts. For special occasions and celebrations, go with a dessert table that’s filled to the brim with tasty delights.

Themed food stations are like having your own food court inside your office. Different options, cuisines, and menus are available to satisfy different palates, and servers encourage interaction and prepare the food right before your eyes.

2. Grab & go convenience for any and all diets

For quick meetings, brainstorm sessions, and lunches, it doesn’t get any easier than grab & go lunches that can be eaten quickly and shared easily. For a big communal mealry a paella platter delivered straight to your doorstep, ready to eat and be enjoyed by the whole team. There’s nothing like having an enormous paella pan delivered to your office, with the smell of seafood and spices wafting around the space.

For fresh, crisp, and easy-to-eat meals you can’t go past DIY taco platters, filled with all the crunchy and seasonal ingredients needed to build a yummy taco. Bite-sized tapas platters are also a great option for nibbles during meetings, workshops, and events, offering lots of tiny tasty morsels. Gourmet salads are a healthy sharing option and provide some much-needed nutrition for those long work days. If you’d rather not share, go for individually packed wholesome bowls of goodness – full of proteins and fresh ingredients!

3. Theme it up for a change

If you’re hosting regular lunches, mix things up a bit by offering a different menu and cuisine every time. Have a new menu printed showcasing your chosen theme or setting, and distribute it around the office to garner some excitement from the team – everyone loves variety, and even more so when it’s food-related! You can also style your lunches with simple freshly cut flowers or fruits, making your meals look a little different each time.

4. Create a communal atmosphere of sharing

People have gathered around tables of food all throughout history, and there’s something about it that’s very special. Encourage a sharing atmosphere in your corporate catering with sharing platters or buffet-style dining. Grazing tables or sharing tables can be laid out on a long table with exquisite presentation that will wow your team and have them excited to dig in and share the meal together.

Or lay out different food options buffet-style and encourage the team to walk around the office and serve themselves (or have a caterer on hand to help with serving). Afterwards, the team can sit together enjoying their lunch – a truly special activity that brings people together and helps with motivation, morale, and team building.

5. Make mouths water with dessert tables

Celebrating something or have a special event? Don’t just grab a nice cake, but go for an entire table filled with desserts and sweet delights. These delectable tables are as Instagrammable as they are delicious, covered with frosted cupcakes or customised cake pops. Dessert tables can reflect your celebration or occasion with personalised messages and images. If you’re treating your team to something special, you can’t go past freshly made crepes, or creme brulee blow-torched in the office.

Whether your corporate catering is for a team lunch, workshop, client meeting, or after-work get together, it can bring people together to engage and have a good time. You have the choice to create corporate catering just the way you like, whether your budget is large or small. There’s always the option to offer something new and exciting, and we’re here to help bring your catering ideas to life!

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