5 Ideas for Catering Your Special Occasion

5 Ideas for Catering Your Special Occasion

A special occasion is a cause for celebration, and the best way to enjoy a celebration is by sitting back and letting someone else do the hard work! While cooking up a delicious feast to celebrate a milestone birthday, anniversary, christening, or engagement can certainly be a fun way to get involved, having the event catered by professionals is completely hassle-free. Which means you can just kick back and enjoy the occasion with your loved ones!

If you’ve got a special event or occasion coming up and need party catering, surprise your friends & family with a feast that has them tasting something new and exciting. At Paella del Mar we’ve created the ‘Foodie del Mar’ experience so that people can enjoy catering that’s just as much of an experience as it is a delicacy. Here are 5 ideas for how we can infuse your next occasion with fun, food, and feasting!

1. Grazing table

A grazing table is an absolute must if your guests will be mixing and mingling for awhile before the bigger meals come out. Hunger will just get in the way of a fun event, so making sure people’s bellies have something to snack on will prevent those bouts of impatience and irritability!

The Grazing del Mar experience is a beautiful long grazing table filled to the brim with delicious cheese wheels, seasonal produce, customised desserts & treats, and gourmet snacks and yummy finger food, all styled to suit your event theme. There’ll be plenty Instagram posts of this feast, guaranteed!

2. Tapas galore

Tapas are as much about the journey of eating as they are about the flavours. Catering your next special occasion with tapas as canapes will allow your guests to enjoy a cocktail style setting, while easily helping themselves to tasty bite-sized morsels. Serve tapas dishes as part of your grazing table, or have our team bring the delicious finger food out to your guests as they enjoy some socialising.

3. Mexican fiesta

There’s no better party food than Mexican fiesta, and there’s no better way to enjoy Mexican flavoured food than with a live taco pop-up station! An interactive food station is a fun way to serve food, truly taking your guests out of their home environment and into a world of wonder! We’ll fill your taco station with a selection of flavour packed slow cooked beef and pork, or spiced chicken, plenty of fresh, colourful salsa, corn chips, and tasty condiments, and your guests can help themselves to their heart’s content.

4. A big plate of Paella

There’s something beautiful about watching a huge Paella pan bubbling away in front of you. Adding to the atmosphere and buzz of a good special occasion, paella catering and a live Paella cooking station is just another source of entertainment! Heart-warming and delicious, the best part of Paella is that it feeds everyone and cooked by a paella chef. A great sense of community, and a lot of satisfaction for your belly and taste buds. We have 8 classic and fusion handcrafted Paella flavours that we can customise to suit your event theme and requirements!

5. Rotisseries

There’s nothing more indulgent and satisfying than a range of roast meats and veges, but who wants to check on the ham when you’re busy socialising? Indulge in a live catered carving station and let your guests help themselves to glazed hams and oven baked roasts with a range of hearty sides.

6. Desserts, desserts!

You can’t celebrate a special occasion without something for your sweet tooth! End your event with a bang and make sure everyone goes home happy with a range of delectable desserts. We can organise for a pop-up live dessert bar to serve fresh churros, Nutella crepes, and creme brulee blow-torched right before your eyes. Children are guaranteed to spin out from excitement with the dessert catering options!

Bringing in some help

At Paella del Mar we’re here to help you pull off a fantastic special occasion, so you can enjoy the event mingling with your loved ones and worrying less about event catering and execution. Most of our live food stations can be set up both indoors or outdoors in an alfresco entertainment style, depending on your venue and requirements.

Together with our network of event partners and vendors, we can offer a holistic event management service for your next special occasion. From pop-up bar and beverage services to styling and floristry and equipment hire, we’ll work with your event brief and budget to make the most of your special day.

Our fun and vibrant team is here to help you organise your event from start to finish, so you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself amongst good company! And best of all, we’ll clean and pack everything up before we leave so you can relax and enjoy the afterglow.

Give us a call when you next need some event catering – mention the words FOODIEDELMAR and we’ll give you 10% off your booking!

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