5 Fun & Handy Catering Tips for Large Groups

5 Fun & Handy Catering Tips for Large Groups

Throwing a party that’s a little bigger than you’re used to? Take it from us, it’s gonna need a lot more organisation and planning than normal – especially when it comes to food! There’s always the worry that there won’t be enough, or maybe there’ll be too much (nobody wants to throw away leftovers!) Should you be serving individual dishes or going for a spread?

As seasoned party caterers, we know how to feed large groups of people and keep them happy. Best of all, we know how to do it in a way that causes the least headache for you and the most fun for all your guests. To help you out at your next big bash, here are our best tips to ensure your party catering keeps everyone well-fed and having lots of fun.

  1. Have a good idea of numbers before you start

Sometimes people are keen to get started on the organisation before they’ve even finalised the guest list! And that’s a quick road to stress and over/under-planning for an event. You can start planning your menu after you’ve sent out your invites, but make sure you’ve got a good idea of the minimum numbers so you can plan accurately!

It’s also important to make sure you have a strict RSVP date and set this deadline a few weeks before your party is due. This is also the time to make note of any dietary requirements and food intolerances – you don’t want to find out you’ve got a few vegans after ordering the spit roast.

  1. Sitting or standing?

Knowing the dynamics of your party, its theme, venue, and how you’d like the event to pan out is also something to think about before getting to work on the menu. Will guests be sitting or standing? If sitting, then a buffet table might be the way to go. If standing, consider finger food, grazing tables, and other food that doesn’t require cutlery to snack on.

  1. Go for the crowd pleasers

The best way to make sure everyone is satisfied with your party catering is to always go for traditional crowd pleasers. There are certain foods that are popular with everyone, and will always go down a treat at an event. Sushi? Delicious, but not an appetising dish for all ages. Mexican fiesta food? Now that’s party food that almost anyone can get behind.

It’s also wise to not use this big bash as an excuse to try out all those new recipes you’ve been dying to make! Stick to tried and true recipes that you can make with your eyes closed – it’ll lessen the stress by a significant amount, and you can always try those recipes out another time.

  1. Try interactive food stations

When an event has large groups of people, it’s unlikely that they’ll all be wanting to eat at the exact same time. This is what makes finger food, buffet tables, and grazing tables such a fantastic option for large events. People have the opportunity to snack when they’re hungry rather than having food forced upon them.

Interactive food stations are the new party catering concept that adds entertainment value as well as delicious treats. Picture a massive paella being cooked live in front of your guests’ eyes, a Mexican food station with self-serve tacos, or even an interactive dessert station where guests can pile on their own sprinkles and toppings. It’s all about providing a new experience that caters to lots of different tastes, ages, appetites, and people!

  1. Get outside help

Let’s be honest, what’s more fun and handy than offloading all the work to someone else? At Paella del Mar, catering to large groups is what we do! We’re here to help hosts get back and enjoy the party, while we serve up fresh and delicious food.

Our interactive food stations add entertainment value and fun, our grazing tables allow guests to while away time happily, and our dessert stations make sure everyone exits the scene happy. Don’t be afraid to offload help at your next large event – that’s what we’re here for!

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